Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Solomon Islands planning provincial summits on youth mainstreaming

On April 27-29 the Solomon Islands Ministry of Women, Youth and Children Affairs and the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) Pacific Centre conducted a workshop for the Ministry’s youth development officers in preparation for a series of upcoming Youth Mainstreaming Summits to be held in each of the country's nine provinces and Honiara City. The workshops are being planned as a result of the Solomon Islands Cabinet's endorsement of a revised Solomon Islands National Youth Policy in 2010. The theme of the workshops will be "Youth Mainstreaming -- Making a difference in Youth Policy Implementation."

A press release from the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet describes youth mainstreaming as
"the concept that all organizations, including government youth ministries, non government organizations, civil society, faith based and all development organizations that include an aspect of youth development in their work, must include youth in their plans and activities, and must align their work to their country’s National Youth Policy framework and national development strategies."
 According to CYP Pacific Centre Regional Director Afu Billy,
"Including young people in all aspects of national development -- including in economic, political, cultural and social areas -- is key to ensuring that young people can fully participate in national efforts to increase economic growth, achieve good governance, improve security and stability and achieve sustainable development."

CYP Pacific and MWYCA focus on youth mainstreaming

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