Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New paper from the Center for International Private Enterprise supports youth participation in development

The Center for International Private Enterprise has released a new economic reform policy paper called "Promoting Youth Development: Policy Options and Reform Recommendations." The paper is based in part on essays submitted by youth as part of the Center's International Youth Essay Contest, and offers recommendations for the inclusion of youth in development decision-making. According to the introduction, "Creating an inclusionary youth policy that focuses on the value of entrepreneurship, citizen participation, and the freedom of information is vital for the future of free markets and democracy."

Paper at a glance:
  • The burgeoning youth population in the developing world has created an impetus to alleviate youth unemployment and political disenfranchisement through reform.
  • Needed reforms must be influenced by the grassroots youth community, rather than limited to the traditional, top-down government approach to youth policy.
  • The institutional environment has to be improved to facilitate the growth of the private sector and provide employment opportunities to youth entering the labor market.